What We Offer


We have a variety of options available. While we take pride in offering a kennel-free environment, some dogs just need a space to settle down and relax. We have 10, 5'x10' kennels and 4, 4' x 8' cabanas for the "little guys." For dogs that are comfortable in a routine of appropriate-sized crates, we offer that option as well.

Please call for pricing 860.910.1882. We offer a 10% discount to active military.

Boarders enjoy the full use of our air-conditioned and heated indoor spaces as well as our outdoor yards with covered porches.


We have plenty of room in our air-conditioned/heated indoor spaces and multiple outdoor yards for the dogs to exercise, relax, or rest.

Play groups are determined and selected based upon a dog's size, age, energy level, and demeanor. Some dogs like to quietly nap all day, some have medical conditions, some don't socialize well. No matter the challenge, we can accommodate it.

Please call us for pricing at 860.910.1882.


It's never too early to begin training a puppy. We offer "drop-in" play dates where puppies can learn valuable socialization skills and be conditioned to a variety of stimulations. Please call for pricing 860.910.1882.

We offer two group classes. Basic Manners 101 is a six-week session for a fee of $150. This class will cover: Pay Attention or look at me, Sit, Stay, Down, and Come. Basic Manners 201 builds upon the skills learned and completed in the 101 class. Six weeks for a fee of $150.

Private lessons are available on campus or in your home. Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Dogs with complex behavior problems will be evaluated by our Director of Operations & Training and an appropriate training plan will be recommended.


From a simple nail trim to a full treatment grooming, we can meet your needs.

Sometimes the hard jobs are best left to professionals. Dog got sprayed by a skunk? Elderly dog need a medicated bath? Preparing for a dog show? Our team of professionals can help. Prices vary. Call 860.910.1882 for an estimate.